Data with a heartbeat

All of the data we work with -- all of the data that we visualize -- is about people. We never lose sight of the humanity within the numbers.

When done right, good data visualiztion can make difficult concepts easy to understand. It also depicts people accurately.

That's why it is important to be precise. We know how to structure your story using data. And we build beautiful and intuitive data visualizations.

Here are a few examples of data visualizations that we've produced recently:

Air pollution permit monitoring
a web tool and data pipeline
Mapping the Vote Greater Houston
a dashboard of voting deserts
Scoop in the Loop
Shannon's favorite ice cream shops
Avenue dashboard
comparing neighborhoods on lots of key stats
Post-secondary outcomes
A dashboard and data story about Texas education
Debt cases in Michigan
an interactive dashboard of civil court data
Evictions in Houston
an interactive dashboard, updated daily
Strategic Framework dashboard
36 goals to measure the future of Texas
Oregon early learning dashboard
an analysis tool for researchers and practitioners
a storymap about soups we like

Keeping data up to date

We love data visualizations that change from day to day. Projects like that require a lot of moving parts to collect the data, parse and transform it, and serve it to a dashboard or website. Our projects can include ongoing data collection.

What it's like to work with us

We make it easy and fun, channeling your vision into something beautiful and useful.

Our data visualization projects include:

  • Project planning. What outcomes are you looking to achieve? We help you plan backwards.
  • Data exploration. We collect and evaluate all of the data for your visualization, ensuring high quality and accurate presentation.
  • Storyboarding. Our team helps you develop the narrative behind the numbers, and designs the data visualization accordingly.
  • Iterative development. You'll go through multiple cycles of demo, feedback, and iteration during the development of the data visualization. There are no surprises in the end.
  • Quality assurance. We make sure your data visualization is accurate, in case the press comes calling.