Data training for nonprofit staff.

By now, we know that data is critical to all aspects of running a nonprofit.

We use data to manage the operation. It informs staffing decisions and board reporting. We tell the story of our operation to funders using data.

But somewhere along the way, the discussion about data became all about IT and IT systems. This is important, but data lives in all different places, from systems to spreadsheets to sticky notes.

We want to help you unlock and organize your data by training your staff about how to collect, store, report, and critically think about data.

Discover your inner data person

We custom design a curriculum for your staff. Everything they learn is practical. It connects directly with the work they do every day. Don't be afraid of your data! If you understand your program, you can understand your data.

Collecting good data is a shared responsibility

Our data training courses are specifically designed for nonprofits, and help your staff understand  their role in collecting high quality data.

Why do you need data training for your staff?

  • Data goes beyond IT. For too long, discussions about reporting were all about what systems you use, and how you use them. But data lives outside of systems, too.
  • The people who need to understand data are the ones doing the work. You need to prioritize the voices of staff members who understand people, and teach them about what it means to think in terms of data.
  • Building data literacy across your whole organization creates a more informed discussion about your IT systems, your reports, and even your funding sources.

Our training programs create a subtle but important transformation among your staff. All of a sudden, they are thinking about how they collect and report data throughout their day. This leads to better data quality, and better conversations about what and how you are tracking information.

Make it a habit

Like any new skill, being a data person takes practice. After our training program, we offer a light touch service that keeps your skills fresh and your staff accountable.
Session topics include

  • Intro to data for social workers
  • Choosing outcome metrics
  • How good process makes better data
  • Cultivating a data culture

We offer workshops and single-topic trainings. All of our training can be customized to match your needs and your budget.

Schedule a time to chat with us so we can learn more about your organization.

Live training, remote delivery

These courses are 100% live and virtual, delivered by experienced instructors who understand the challenges that nonprofits face.

Everyone can be a data person

You don't need to be a tech nerd to be a data person. We work with people from different backgrounds, such as social work and education, helping them understand more about the data in their world.

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Client testimonials

Carly has an excellent way of explaining concepts in a way that very much relates to the non-profit world. She was an excellent guide through this program and definitely the most helpful part. :)

Samantha W.
Catholic Charities

The Data Ambassadors Program is going to carry us into the coming year as we focus as an agency on sharing our impact and telling the story of our community through data.

Sam Sherman
Wesley Community Center, Chief Program Officer

I can use this knowledge about data anywhere, not just at work.

Mayra Faz
Wesley Community Center

This is fundamental work that’s really important for any non-profit.

Amy Corron
Wesley Community Center, President and CEO

It's been helpful to go through the process of breaking down data; it has helped me to think about data differently and what things are important to keep in mind.

Stephanie G.
Catholic Charities

Your work has helped us bring greater focus on to our data than ever before in my tenure here.

John P.
Catholic Charities