All things data.

We are a consulting firm. We work on data-related projects for our clients. This is an overview of the type of work that we do.

Data strategy and planning

Data is an essential part of technology and strategic planning. We help our clients with data strategy and planning by answering the following questions:

What are we already measuring? It's easy to lose track of all the ways that an organization captures and reports data. At the beginning of the strategic planning process, we conduct an inventory of systems, reports, procedures, and stakeholders. From spreadsheets to APIs, we map out how and why data travels across the organization.

What do we want to measure? As the strategic planning process unfolds, we tie strategic planning metrics to existing systems and reports. We also identify the gaps in data, and we develop plans to address those gaps.

How do we make smart investments to support data goals? Over time, technology gets replaced. We identify technology standards for new and replacement systems that ensure data is available and interoperable.

For data strategy and planning, we work with:

  • Large nonprofits with complex reporting requirements
  • Coalitions and working groups focused on collective impact
  • Public sector agencies going through technology planning and procurement

Making systems work together

Every organization accumulates technology. But does it all work together? Just like people, these systems need to operate as a team.

When a technology stack doesn't work together, it's very clear. It means that case workers are entering data into two different systems. Or program managers are using spreadsheets to store their data, because they can't access the right reports to measure performance.

We identify the highest value points of integration. These are the integration points that would save the most time, improve accuracy, and reduce technical debt.

Clients who need data integration are typically:

  • Large nonprofits with complex reporting requirements
  • Grant-funded programs with mandated systems and specific reporting needs
  • Public sector agencies
  • Organizations with legacy systems and lots of spreadsheets

Data infrastructure and pipeline development

In order to be useful, data has to move from its original source and transform from its original form. Even small organizations often have hundreds of data sources. We build the infrastructure to make it all work together.

We do this by developing and configuring cloud environments that are optimized for specific types of data. We also develop scripts that process the data continuously, ensuring that the data moves and transforms automatically.

Our data infrastructure and data pipeline services include:

  • Data warehouse design, development, and management
  • Data pipeline & ETL development
  • API development
  • AWS and Azure environment design, migration, configuration, and cost estimation
  • Data integration development

Study design, data analysis, and policy recommendations

Our team designs data-focused studies of people and places, helping our clients define actionable next steps. Some of our previous studies looked at:

  • Criminal justice issues, such as the effectiveness of marijuana diversion on criminal case loads or the permit process for housing for people on parole.
  • Affordable housing issues, such as eviction patterns pre- and post-Harvey, or the disappearance of naturally occurring affordable housing.
  • Fiscal responsibility issues, such as impact of ranked choice voting on municipal election costs, or the impact of uncollected hotel occupancy tax from AirBnb hosts.
  • Early childhood education issues, such as quantifying the lack of quality affordable child care throughout Texas, or developing algorithms to identify quality child care centers.
  • Census 2020 issues, such as identifying new addresses, quantifying the undercount in people and dollars, and developing communications materials that incorporate data.

Using data for advocacy

We use data to track the outcomes of public policy. Then we build visualizations and design fact-based campaigns to empower advocates.

Some of our recent work includes:

  • Dashboard and advocacy campaign for criminal justice reform.
  • Data scrapers, database, API, and visualizations for environmental activism.
  • Data visualization and campaign to encourage parental involvement in public schools.
  • Data visualization for the first quality-based child care map of Texas.
  • Data scraping and visualizations to coordinate affordable housing investments.
  • Data visualization and storytelling assistance for disaster recovery.

Data visualization

We love visualizing data and constructing a narrative from numbers. Our team builds custom data visualizations and dashboards using Python, R, and Javascript.

Digital campaigns

If you have great data, it's possible to build an entire digital campaign around it. We help plan, develop, and execute digital advocacy campaigns alongside our clients.

Research partnerships

We partner with academic labs, think tanks, journals, foundations, and working groups. Our team helps analyze data, and develops high quality, interactive visualizations and dashboards to communicate research.

Grant coordination

We work with program officers to coordinate data issues across a portfolio of investments. This includes working across grantees to standardize data collection and reporting, and supporting existing working groups with subject matter expertise in data.