All things data.

This page lists everything that we do.

We are a consulting firm. We work on data-related projects for our clients. This is an overview of the type of work that we do.

Data for advocacy

We locate data and build visualizations, helping advocates tell their stories using facts and numbers.

Some of our recent work includes:

  • Dashboard and advocacy campaign for criminal justice reform.
  • Data scrapers, API, and visualizations for environmental activism.
  • Data visualization and campaign to encourage parental involvement in public schools.
  • Data visualization for the first quality-based child care map of Texas.
  • Data scraping and visualizations to coordinate affordable housing investments.
  • Data visualization and storytelling assistance for disaster recovery.

Data strategy, policy, and infrastructure

We work with governments and non-profits to develop data strategies. Some of our recent work includes:

  • Helping the United Way 2-1-1 in Houston develop strategies for collecting and managing social services data.
  • Helped the City of Houston implement their open data policy, develop their general plan, and analyze Hurricane Harvey data.
  • Helped Harris County prepare for Census 2020 by uncovering and validating previously missing residential addresses.
  • Helping a management district plan for the growth of smart cities / connected devices.
  • Helping a mid-size Texas city implement an open data policy and playbook.

Study and analysis design

We help you answer questions by looking at data. With expertise in demography, our team can design studies with academic rigor and communicate the insights.

Web and social media content with a focus on data

We develop unique and high-value content based on data that we analyze and visualize. Check out our blog for content examples.

Research partnerships

We partner with academic labs, think tanks, journals, foundations, and working groups. If you're at the forefront of collecting interesting data, we can help.

Grant coordination

We work with program officers to better coordinate data issues across a portfolio of investments. This includes working across grantees to standardize data collection and reporting, and supporting existing working groups with subject matter expertise in data.

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