All things data.

We work on data-related projects with government agencies, non-profits, program officers, and researchers.

Strategy and Planning

We help you understand how data fits into the bigger picture of your organization: operations, reporting, fundraising.

Data for Advocacy

How can data inform policymakers? We use data to track the outcomes of public policy, and advocate for change.

Custom Studies

From surveys to studies, we analyze data, evaluate outcomes, and make policy recommendations.

Data Visualization

We love constructing a narrative from numbers. Our team builds custom data visualizations and dashboards.

Data Capacity Building

We work within large social service organizations to train staff and implement best practices for collecting, reporting, and managing data.

Digital Campaigns

From building interactive tools to tracking reach, we help launch campaigns for the public good.

We work in the following areas:

Affordable Housing

We've created affordable housing studies for cities, neighborhoods, and non-profits. We track all types of housing, monitor the availability of NOAH in select areas, and advocate for policy changes that increase the availability of affordable housing.

Arts Education

Arts education is often a hodgepodge of in-school and out-of-school activities. We help arts organizations track the arts education ecosystem and advocate for resources. 

Census 2020

So much depends upon an accurate count in Census 2020. We work with a variety of organizations, identifying areas where there is a likely undercount and developing materials to assist the Census 2020 campaign.

Criminal Justice

As different parts of the country re-think their approach to criminal justice, we help quantify the impact of the changes. 

Early Childhood Education

In order to make the most of early learning, access to quality education should begin at three years old. We help organizations qualify new high quality centers, and map early learning assets across the country. 

Environmental Justice

We organize and clean public environmental data made available by Texas state agencies. Our Texas environmental data pipeline now powers advocacy tools like Kuukibot and BREATHE.

Food Policy

We help survey and map the gaps in a regional food economy, as well as understand the impact of new food sources on neighborhoods that need it.

Public Health

Using data, we help pubic health departments communicate pressing issues to policymakers and the general public. 

Social Services

We work in between social service organizations, helping them coordinate and prioritize technology and data that will have the biggest impact on the people they serve.


We help sustainability and corporate social responsibility professionals use data to report their impact and plan for the future.

Urban Planning

We collaborate on urban planning projects, developing data visualizations and digital tools to drive community engagement.

Private Data Analysis

We advise mission-driven funds on social impact investments.

Our clients are often:

Large non-profits with complex reporting requirements
Coalitions and working groups focused on collective impact
Public sector agencies conducting studies and making policy recommendations
Grant-funded programs with specific reporting needs
Organizations with legacy systems and lots of spreadsheets
Marketing agencies who want to collaborate on digital campaigns
Urban planning firms who want to collaborate on planning projects
Advocates who want to use data to change policy