Mapping Houston's Capital Improvement Projects By Location and Budget

Every year, the City of Houston goes through a capital planning process where they allocate about $8 billion over five years.

I wanted to know where these projects are, and how much we’re spending on them. I became curious about this process after last year’s discussion about equitable distribution.

So I extracted a bunch of data from the Excel sheet on the open data portal and put it on a map.

Things to know:

  • There are 545 CIPs in the 2016-2020 plan, but only 371 appear on this map.
  • There are two reasons why: (1) the project is not location-specific (like $350k for “data center consolidation” or $61k for “citizen engagement software”), or (2) I was unable to geocode the location. If you find errors, please let me know and I’ll update.
  • Circle size represents the total budget of the project. The total budget can include allocations over five years. I calculated the radius of the circle by taking the square root of the total budget and multiplied the result by .005.
  • If you are concerned about a project, look up your council member, give them a call, and reference the CIP# (included in the popup).
  • There is a lot more data available if you dig into the spreadsheet.

Background information:

Jeff Reichman

Jeff is passionate about data. He founded January Advisors, and serves on the board of two Houston nonprofits. Read his full bio on LinkedIn.