Map of Bills Filed by the 87th Texas Legislature (2021)

The Texas Legislature doesn’t meet very often. When it does, a lot can happen in a short period of time. We have to live with the results. It’s a policy pressure cooker.

Today, members of the Texas House and Senate began filing bills. The lege website makes it easy to see the bills filed every day. Reading through the descriptions is an early glimpse of the upcoming legislative session. For better or worse, these are the topics that will define Texas for the next two years.

But that website isn’t for everyone. It’s not easy to track by geography, for example. So a few years ago, I began scraping the data and building maps. (You can check out last two sessions in their full glory).

The House and Senate maps on this page help illustrate the Republican/Democrat split across the state. The darker the color, the more bills that have been filed. Click on a district to browse the bill descriptions, and click the links for more details.

This is just the beginning. As House and Senate members keep filing bills over the next few months, the maps will continue to fill out. Check the lower right corner of each map for the last time it was updated.

I hope this makes it easier to see what your local lawmakers are up to. Please let me know if you have suggestions or ideas. And if you can’t get enough, follow #TXLegeBills for a firehose of bills in your feed!

Texas House Map of Bills Filed

Texas Senate Map of Bills Filed

Jeff Reichman

Jeff is passionate about data. He founded January Advisors, and serves on the board of two Houston nonprofits. Read his full bio on LinkedIn.