Map of Bills Filed by the 86th Texas Legislature (2019)

The elections are over, but things are just getting started in Texas. The 86th Texas Legislature convenes in the beginning of 2019, and newly-elected House and Senate members are already filing legislation.

Two years ago, we built a map of bills filed for the 85th session. This year, you’ll notice the maps got an upgrade. The districts are still red for Republicans and blue for Democrats, but now the intensity of the color will vary based on the quantity of bills filed.

In other words, if you want to see particularly active members, choose dark colors on the map. From the popup window, you can click through directly to the proposed bill.

We update these maps every day. You can see the most recent publication date by looking at the credits at the bottom of the map.

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Texas House Bills Filed in 2019

Texas Senate Bills Filed in 2019

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