Web Developer

We are currently hiring a web developer who can be an integral part of our web development team.

January Advisors is a data science consulting firm that works with public and nonprofit sector clients.

We are fortunate to work on projects at the forefront of policy, data, and technology innovation, and we do it at a local level in cities and towns across the United States.

What you’ll do:

  • Develop modern web applications
  • Participate in all aspects of web development including planning, developing, testing, deploying, monitoring, and fixing bugs
  • Write automated tests and implement monitoring strategies to ensure quality and reliability of web applications
  • Contribute, to a lesser extent, to data engineering efforts and ad-hoc technical tasks

You’re a good fit if you have:

  • 1+ years experience building applications using Express, Flask, or Django
  • 1+ years experience building applications using React, Vue, or Angular
  • Solid understanding of SQL (PostgreSQL preferred)
  • Ability to write understandable, testable, reliable, and maintainable code
  • Experience using cloud platforms such as Heroku, AWS, GCP or Azure
  • Demonstrated ability to pick up new concepts and technical skills quickly
  • Experience working on a cross-functional team

You’ll really impress us if you have:

  • Experience across a variety of tech stacks, environments, and application types
  • Experience developing systems that scale well
  • Experience implementing unit tests and integration tests
  • Experience with noSQL databases (including document, graph, etc)
  • Experiencing creating interactive data visualizations such as maps, charts, and graphs
  • Experience working with geospatial data or GIS software/libraries such as Leaflet, Mapbox GL JS, PostGIS, ArcGIS, QGIS
  • Experience working directly with clients on web development projects

Here’s what you can expect if you join our team:

  • Salary + bonus + benefits
  • Short team meetings twice daily
  • Normal working hours in the US Central Time Zone
  • Respect for evenings, weekends, holidays, and vacations
  • Opportunities for advancement, skills development, and continued learning
  • Meaningful work

We are based in Houston, but you can be anywhere.

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