We create unique and valuable experiences for your internship.


As an intern, you will propose and lead a creative research project related to data, government, technology, and social impact. We accept students from all majors and our team provides support and training.

Some previous projects include:

  • A scraper for air emissions data + a Twitterbot that tweets warnings.
  • A community campaign to understand predispositions about local elected officials.
  • An analysis of supplemental pandemic relief for food and childcare.
  • An analysis of AirBnb activity before and after the SuperbOwl.
  • An analysis of access to high quality, subsidized child care.

A few quick facts about our internships:

  • All internships are paid positions.
  • Please apply for an internship with a 500 word draft idea you'd like to research during your internship. It doesn't have to be perfect. We want to know what you're interested in, and what you intend to research.
  • You will produce a blog about your project.

Apply for an internship: