How Maps Change Minds

When we look at maps, our minds light up.

Everyone can recognize a map of their community. So it's easy to think that maps are just for reference, and they only tell us things that we already know.

We believe that maps can do a lot more.

When a familiar map shows us something new, we can see our neighborhoods in a new light. Maps challenge our assumptions about the world.

Interactive maps let you choose your own adventure.

Interactive maps, like the ones that we build, can be even more powerful.

This is because they don't reveal the whole story all at once. It takes some digging, turning filters on and off, watching the story unfold with every click.

This constructionist philosophy is how we approach our work. We believe that good design helps people remember complicated stories, like the ones we tell with data.

Tell the story quickly. Give them the highlights.

But maps can also get the point across without much fuss. When words fail, sometimes all it takes is a picture to make your point.

We've built maps for different sectors and industries. Our maps show:

  • Inequitable distribution of resources.
  • Concentrations of people, services, and assets.
  • Voter turnout, census data, property ownership, and much more.

Curious about what maps can do for you?