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How to create shape-shifting SVG animations

By Emi Jackson / March 14, 2023

Learn simple shape-shifting techniques for animating SVGs! These animations can be used to create dynamic apps, like this Svelte site of our favorite winter soups. When building websites, I love using SVGs for their unwavering crispness and smaller file sizes. Since SVG code can also be easily updated, SVGs are also great for creating dynamic animated…

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image of docusign authorization flow

DocuSign Integration for Node.js Application Part 1: Authorization

By Kelsey Gaetjens / March 2, 2023

Recently, my team at January Advisors built a legal services web application that needed document management capabilities. We wanted to be able to store and edit information about applicants, and we also wanted users to be able to generate, update, and send signable documents. DocuSign already offers extensive document management and e-signature capabilities, so we…

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