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Houston Maps and Data

Houston Maps and Data: January 2016

By Jeff Reichman / January 6, 2016

Here are some interesting recent stories about maps and data in the Houston area. I hope to make this a monthly roundup post covering areas of public interest, like crime, transportation, real estate, and population health. If you have a good project to share, please let me know! Houston Bike Share Crowdsourcing New Locations The Houston…

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Houston Maps and Data: February 2016

By Jeff Reichman / February 2, 2016

This is the second edition of Houston maps and data. This month, we saw Mayor Turner’s first major initiative take the form of an interdepartmental task force and a new website. Potholes in Houston will never be the same again. Here’s the scoop, along with a few other interesting stories about Houston told through maps…

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Houston Maps and Data: March 2016

By Jeff Reichman / March 8, 2016

This month, we’re looking at three Super Tuesday primary maps of voter turnout and one fascinating map charting the racial change of Houston’s neighborhoods since 1970. The Texas primaries took place on March 1, causing long lines that once again highlight the antiquated technology and processes that Harris County uses. Case in point: the Harris County…

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Houston Maps and Data: April 2016

By Jeff Reichman / April 1, 2016

Each month, we round up all the interesting stories told with data that help us understand the Houston region. Houston Public Housing Debate Rages A proposed public housing project at the edge of a fancy Houston neighborhood is causing confusion about the effects of public housing. This article drops some serious data (and a little bit of shaming) to…

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Houston Maps and Data: May 2016

By Jeff Reichman / May 2, 2016

This is our monthly series Houston Maps and Data, where we provide a roundup of interesting Houston stories using maps and data that help us understand the region by the numbers. In mid-April, the Houston area saw unprecedented flooding. There are a lot of attempts to explain why, but before you go down that rabbit…

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Mapping Houston's Capital Improvement Projects By Location and Budget

By Jeff Reichman / June 26, 2016

Every year, the City of Houston goes through a capital planning process where they allocate about $8 billion over five years. I wanted to know where these projects are, and how much we’re spending on them. I became curious about this process after last year’s discussion about equitable distribution. So I extracted a bunch of data from the…

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Houston Maps and Data – October 2016

By Jeff Reichman / October 5, 2016

It’s been a few months since I’ve posted a roundup of Houston-focused maps and data projects. There have been some really great stories while I’ve been gone. Here are some of my favorites: Find chemical storage facilities in your neighborhood We have very little idea of where dangerous chemicals are stored throughout Houston. This was clear in…

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map of fireworks in unincorporated harris county

Map of (Potentially Legal) Areas to Light Fireworks in the Houston Area

By Jeff Reichman / December 25, 2016

Fireworks can be a lot of fun, but the rules surrounding them can be confusing. The City of Houston uses its authority under the fire code to enforce a citywide fireworks ban, which means, for the most part, it’s illegal to set off fireworks around here. That might be a bummer for some people, but…

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