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Chasing Kudos on Strava at the Chevron Marathon

By Shannon Carter / January 12, 2022

The Chevron Marathon is this weekend, bringing 27,000 runners from around the world to Houston. Each runner carries with them unique reasons that keep them moving through busy weeks and bad weather. Some common motivators are improving cardiovascular health, getting to know your city, socializing with a running community, and the satisfaction of setting and…

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map of galveston island

Galveston has a housing crisis on multiple fronts

By David McClendon / October 27, 2021

For the past two years, the city of Galveston, Texas has been my home. Located about an hour southeast of Houston, Galveston is an island community that has the perfect blend of beachtown kitsch and rich historical character. It’s also been a great place to ride out the pandemic – I even took up surfing!…

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care coordination model nbhp c2 january advisors

Houston-based care coordination pilot program improves health outcomes

By David McClendon / September 17, 2021

Health care providers and social service nonprofits have a hard time working together. Doctors often do not know about social service programs that might benefit their patients, and nonprofits find it difficult to keep health care providers up to date about their services. When they try to work together, communicating about a patient’s health history…

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seal your record harris county

New website helps people seal their criminal record in Harris County

By Jeff Reichman / August 19, 2021

In Texas, every criminal conviction has collateral consequences. For example, if you’re convicted of a felony, you lose your right to vote during incarceration, probation, or parole. Texas has over 1,400 collateral consequences. You can explore them for yourself at the National Inventory of Collateral Consequences of Conviction database. But these consequences aren’t just for…

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chart of weekly cdc declarations in harris county eviction cases

Only 13% of defendants invoked the CDC eviction moratorium in Harris County

By Jeff Reichman / August 2, 2021

The CDC eviction moratorium was supposed to prevent evictions. When the CDC first announced the moratorium in September 2020, a CNN headline shouted Evictions Are Halted, noting that it “covered most renters across the US.” The moratorium lasted almost eleven months. During that time, we found 3,289 cases where the policy delayed or prevented an…

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Unemployment insurance claims spiked immediately during the beginning of the pandemic, but has since declined.

Over 60,000 Texans Lost Their “Break Even Wage” When Federal Unemployment Insurance Expired

By Ben Daecher / July 29, 2021

Since August 2020, thousands of unemployed Texans have received an extra $300 per week in unemployment from the Federal government. In fact, when Governor Greg Abbott ended this program in Texas in June 2021, there were 197,679 people who lost this benefit. Governor Abbott’s logic was to help “unemployed Texans connect with the more than…

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featured image for january advisors tarrant county eviction moratorium article

First Results of the CDC Eviction Moratorium in Tarrant County

By David McClendon / April 1, 2021

The CDC eviction moratorium is the latest in a patchwork of policy solutions designed to prevent evictions. Since the pandemic began, there have been an unprecedented number of new housing policies across the country at all levels of government. But an eviction moratorium does not mean that evictions have stopped. This article analyzes the impact…

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january advisors checkin meeting data visualization google sheets

Visualizing one year of remote work

By Shannon Carter / March 22, 2021

About a year ago, when the Covid-19 pandemic forced us out of our office, the January Advisors team adopted some new practices to adjust to remote work. We now start and end the day with a team check-in. The primary objective of these meetings (called “standup” and “sitdown”) is to update everyone on our work…

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plume of smoke from the deer park fire - credit: AP

The Story of Kuukibot and Air Quality in Houston

By Jeff Reichman / August 6, 2021

Poor air quality is a problem for Houston, and it’s been that way for decades. The region accounts for 42% of the country’s base petrochemical capacity. Refining oil is a dirty business. It involves processing chemicals and generating toxic byproducts. A lot of this work takes place around the Houston Ship Channel, which is the…

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table showing results by court of the cdc eviction moratorium

First Results of the CDC Eviction Moratorium in Houston

By Jeff Reichman / February 8, 2021

The CDC eviction moratorium is the main federal policy to reduce housing displacement during the pandemic. It took effect on September 4, 2020 and remains authorized through the end of March 2021. When applied, the moratorium can be a powerful force to pause an eviction. The criteria to qualify are pretty broad. Landlords must make…

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