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I’m rooting for an obscure line item in the Texas budget

By Jeff Reichman / January 12, 2023

The Texas legislative session kicked off this week, and lawmakers have a $32.7 billion surplus to work with. What are they going to do with it? I’ve got an idea. It’s just an IT line item in a budget request, and it would only cost 0.018% of that surplus. But it’s meaningful, and it could…

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Map of bills filed by the 88th Texas Legislature (2023)

By Jeff Reichman / November 22, 2022

The next meeting of the Texas legislature starts in January, and House and Senate members just started the process of filing new bills. Over the next few months, these bills will be refined in committees, emerge for a vote, and potentially signed into law. But right now, they are the raw materials for the next…

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image of an interactive program metrics dashboard for board members

9 ways nonprofit board members can get smart about data

By Carly Sessions / July 27, 2022

Innovative nonprofits are learning how to be data-driven at all levels of their organization, from frontline workers to managers, executives, and board members.  There’s a reason for this: today’s funders are asking for more data and transparency. This requires better data collection and moving past the outdated model of isolating data responsibilities within one small…

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featured image of airmail dashboard in harris county

Live map of air pollution permits helps communities take action

By Emi Jackson / September 8, 2022

Houston is no stranger to industrial operations, and along with many industrial facilities come a wealth of dangerous pollutants. Carcinogenic byproducts leak from Houston’s many petrochemical facilities and toxic dust clouds the air near concrete batch plants. The health effects of these pollutants burden Houstonians unequally. Time and again, heavily polluting facilities are disproportionately placed…

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Where you can find the best scoop in the loop

By Shannon Carter / July 15, 2022

Sprinkles or M&Ms? One scoop or two? Cup or cone? These are tough questions, and even though we’ve got global problems on our minds these days, dessert is still important. Good ice cream can make the world a little more manageable. Here in Houston, we’re lucky to have ice cream weather year-round, and we’ve got…

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image of map showing property tax protest success rates for homeowners in houston

Homeowners in Houston do better when they protest property taxes on their own

By Jeff Reichman / April 27, 2022

The Houston housing market is hot. Inventory is low and demand is high. From March 2021 to March 2022, the average price of a single family home went up an astonishing 19.3%. With rising market prices comes an increase in tax assessed values. Property tax protest season is here, and you have until May 15…

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January Advisors team at the retreat

Reflecting on two years of remote work

By Shannon Carter / April 20, 2022

How much of sprawling diverse Houston can you fit in two days? With enough iced lattes and Topo Chico, quite a lot. After two years of remote work and nearly doubling in size, it was time for our team to get together at our home base of Houston, Texas. In late March, our out-of-town team…

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chevron marathon 2022 banner image

Chasing kudos on Strava at the Chevron Marathon

By Shannon Carter / January 12, 2022

The Chevron Marathon is this weekend, bringing 27,000 runners from around the world to Houston. Each runner carries with them unique reasons that keep them moving through busy weeks and bad weather. Some common motivators are improving cardiovascular health, getting to know your city, socializing with a running community, and the satisfaction of setting and…

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map of galveston island

Galveston has a housing crisis on multiple fronts

By David McClendon / October 27, 2021

For the past two years, the city of Galveston, Texas has been my home. Located about an hour southeast of Houston, Galveston is an island community that has the perfect blend of beachtown kitsch and rich historical character. It’s also been a great place to ride out the pandemic – I even took up surfing!…

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care coordination model nbhp c2 january advisors

Houston-based care coordination pilot program improves health outcomes

By David McClendon / September 17, 2021

Health care providers and social service nonprofits have a hard time working together. Doctors often do not know about social service programs that might benefit their patients, and nonprofits find it difficult to keep health care providers up to date about their services. When they try to work together, communicating about a patient’s health history…

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