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Automatic Data Screening for Collaborative for Children

By Niha Pereira / June 5, 2018

Investing in quality early childcare is a powerful economic development strategy that directly affects the quality and productivity of our future workforce. The long-term benefits of investing in quality early child care programs, like Texas Rising Stars, far exceeds the yield of return on most public projects that are considered economic development. -Karla Cisneros, Houston…

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Top Five Books to Boost Deep Understanding of Data Visualization

By Neeraj Tandon / September 21, 2018

I’m often asked about book recommendations for folks getting started in data visualization. A lot of excellent resources can be found online, and I list a few below, but there are a handful of physical books on my shelf that have built a foundation for the way I visually communicate and interpret data. Advice to…

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child care desert map for texas

Mapping Child Care Deserts in Texas

By Jeff Reichman / December 11, 2017

Over the summer, we worked with Children at Risk to develop a map of child care deserts in Texas. The map shows where there aren’t enough child care providers, as well as where there is a lack of subsidized seats or high quality providers. Then, using the map as a jumping off point, Children at…

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Children at Risk school quality rating overlaid with median household income

Building a Research Map for Early Matters

By Jeff Reichman / May 15, 2017

This is a post about how we built an early childhood education research map prototype for two Houston-based education advocacy groups and a coalition of 70+ partners. This is the end of the first phase of development. Check it out here. Quality early education increases school readiness, contributes to better student academic outcomes, and increases high…

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My Summer with AMRI – Open Source Research

By Jeff Reichman / May 12, 2014

There were six of us huddled around a pasta press, cranking dough as if our dinner depended on it. We were guests at a penthouse apartment overlooking the Texas Medical Center, and our hosts kept our drinks full. None of us had ever made pasta from scratch before. It doesn’t take six people to make pasta.…

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