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Ranking of cities by eviction in 2022 highlighting Harris County, TX

A scary new era for evictions in Harris County

By David McClendon / March 7, 2023

As we approach the three-year anniversary of the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, we’re entering a scary new era for evictions in Harris County. Evictions aren’t just back to normal, they’re higher than ever before. At the beginning of the pandemic, there was a sharp drop in eviction filings. Across the country, eviction filings fell…

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First Results of the CDC Eviction Moratorium in Tarrant County

By David McClendon / April 1, 2021

The CDC eviction moratorium is the latest in a patchwork of policy solutions designed to prevent evictions. Since the pandemic began, there have been an unprecedented number of new housing policies across the country at all levels of government. But an eviction moratorium does not mean that evictions have stopped. This article analyzes the impact…

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pretrial jail population texas

Four takeaways from the ACLU jail population dashboard

By Shannon Carter / January 19, 2021

In the United States, incarcerated people are five times more likely to contract COVID-19 and three times more likely to die of COVID-19 than the general population. In response to the pandemic, activists are calling for officials to reduce the jail population in order to keep everyone safe. With a cash bail system, many people…

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How Children at Risk is responding to COVID-19

By Carly Sessions / June 12, 2020

Children at Risk is a research and advocacy organization focusing on a broad range of children’s issues including education, parenting and family well-being, health and nutrition, immigration, and human trafficking.   They work across Texas to get the voices of working families, and the people who serve children and families, in order to create an advocacy…

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Evictions in Houston: Two Months Into COVID-19

By Jeff Reichman / May 18, 2020

On March 18, 2020, the Texas Supreme Court put a temporary stay on eviction proceedings across the state. That temporary stay expires today, and there are no indictions that it will be extended. While this stay prevented nearly all evictions during this two month period, it allowed landlords to continue filing eviction cases. This means…

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How Vision Galveston is Responding to Covid-19

By Carly Sessions / April 16, 2020

As part of our series on how our clients are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, we sat down with Keath Jacoby, Executive Director of Vision Galveston, to learn how our friends on the coast are adapting to the changes. Vision Galveston is a nonprofit to help Galveston plan for a better, more resilient future. They…

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Catholic Charities Responds to COVID-19 in Houston

By Carly Sessions / April 7, 2020

Throughout the “stay home – work safe” order in Harris County, we have been checking in with our clients to understand more about how they are responding to the public health crisis. Many of our clients are on the frontline of the social safety net, and provide essential services to people in need. Last week…

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map of behavioral health providers in houston from nbhp

How Houston’s Behavioral Health Collaborative is Adapting to a COVID-19 World

By Carly Sessions / March 25, 2020

Everyone has a moment where the COVID-19 public health crisis became real for them. I am pregnant, so even the idea of drinking coffee or eating sushi is a health question in my mind. So it was real right away. But as I thought about how this crisis affects me and my family, I also…

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