Blueprint Houston Mayoral Forum Takeaways

At 9a on a Saturday morning, January Advisors collectively yawned and rolled over to the Blueprint Houston Mayoral Forum at Houston Community College. The topic of the day was the City of Houston General Plan, and we knew a little bit about how that unfolded.

We had a few takeaways:

  • The candidates all supported the PlanHouston roadmap to various degrees. Some had questions about implementation, others saw it as a good starting point. No one debated the values of the plan.
  • Bill King was the only one to mention technology and how it applies to long term planning. He said that any long-term transportation planning has to factor in self-driving cars. Some people chuckled, but he’s absolutely right.
  • Garcia was the strongest supporter of the plan, saying that it would guide and inform every department in a Garcia administration.
  • Steve Costello took a scientific approach to the General Plan, saying it is a baseline measurement in its current state and a platform to build on in years to come.
  • Sylvester Turner and Costello both say Houston has to be committed to mass transit and technology and pushed for commuter rail to keep businesses happy.

For more, check out the whole dang video here:

Sean Thompson