Voting Precinct Chair Maps Across Texas

Tracking the top 10+ counties in Texas

Every county in Texas is divided into voting precincts. The two major parties have precinct chairs who serve as election judges, as well as manage a ton of on-the-ground activities for the party.

A precinct chair is the lowest level of elected office. It is an unpaid, volunteer position that often involves block walking, voter mobilization, keeping the neighborhood connected to city and state-wide issues, and generally representing the political party and its candidates. It is a great way to get involved with party politics.

A few things to note about these maps:

  • Some precincts have no voters, so there are natural holes on the map.
  • We counted the number of Republican and Democrat precinct chairs and divided by the total number of precincts in the county.

Here are the biggest counties in Texas, with voter precinct maps for the two major parties:

Harris County (#1)
Population: 4.441 million

Total precincts: 1,012
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Dallas County (#2)
Population: 2.519 million

Total precincts: 797
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Tarrant County (#3)
Population: 1.945 million

Total precincts: 694
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Bexar County (#4)
Population: 1.898 million

Total precincts: 712
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Travis County (#5)
Population: 1.177 million

Total precincts: 247
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Collin County (#6)
Population: 885,241

Total precincts: 214
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Hidalgo County (#7)
Population: 831,073

Total precincts: 255
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Denton County (#8)
Population: 753,363

Total precincts: 158
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Fort Bend County (#9)
Population: 685,345

Total precincts: 152
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Montgomery County (#10)
Population: 518,947

Total precincts: 90
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Galveston County
Population: 322,225

Total precincts: 92
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Jefferson County
Population: 254,308

Total precincts: 109
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Bowie County
Population: 93,389

Total precincts: 42
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