Let data tell your story.

Equity maps are interactive and effective.

You’re an advocate.

You work on projects that affect real people in the real world. It’s your responsibility to move the conversation towards equity. And data helps make your case.

You meet with elected officials, raise money from donors, lead community meetings, advise on policy, and act as a voice for your cause.

Map showing class prevalence among low level marijuana arrests. Click the empty checkbox above to complete the story.

Map comparing school performance to median household income

Equity maps make your case.

Everyone understands a map, especially a map of where they live. Imagine being able to clearly draw the lines of inequity in your community.

We help translate your supporting data into a clear story that people can share. You don’t need to be a data nerd. We’ve got that covered.

Send us your spreadsheets. We’ll make them come alive.

Lightning fast and loaded with features.

Every map is customized with lots of little finishes that give it a modern, professional appearance.

We provide hosting and embed codes. We locate public data that can help make your case. We make it easy to share on social media.

They’re ready-made for digital media campaigns. We can even help you put together a marketing plan.

Map showing lack of quality child care centers

The ultimate leave behind.

After that big meeting or presentation, simply share the link to your equity map. They’re the ultimate leave behind for:

  • Meetings with elected officials
  • Boards of directors
  • Donors, funders, and program officers
  • Presentations to government bodies
  • Expert testimony
  • Community meetings
  • Guest lectures

Dashboard of criminal court disposition data and trends.

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