January Advisors is a data consulting firm. Since 2009, we’ve been working on interesting projects with nice people. If there ever was a mission, that’s it.

Our team:

Jeff Reichman

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Neeraj Tandon

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Niha Pereira
Data Scientist


We work on data-focused projects, including:

Data-driven advocacy campaigns

Let data tell your story. With our data visualizations, we get people excited about numbers. We work on all aspects of an advocacy campaign, from data analysis through public engagement.

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Smart cities data infrastructure, policy, and interoperability projects

The sheer number of new connected devices mean that governments need to rethink their data infrastructure. We develop strategies, policies, and products for the next generation of data management for smart cities.

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Custom decision support tools, like dashboards and maps

We provide rapid prototyping services for data dashboards and visualizations. These tools make complicated data accessible for your team. Our agile support service means that your tools get better as you use them.

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Custom enablement tools, like data scrapers and APIs

Not all data is easily available. We build scrapers, automate the data cleaning process, and make data available through custom-developed APIs.

Hurricane Harvey disaster recovery projects

We work on various projects to help make sense of what’s happening after Hurricane Harvey.